Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Billy Joel again

I'm freelancing for the next two weeks so posting may become a little lighter as I get used to a new office and a new client.

Renee and I went to Billy Joel's final concert at Madison Square Garden last night and in many ways he topped the previous show in Las Vegas. First of all, he changed the set list around considerably. His opening and closing were the same but the middle of set seemed almost random. He still played obscure songs but this time they were completely different obscure songs; "Honesty" instead of "Billy the Kid", "All for Leyna" instead of "The Stranger". And he still never played "Pressure".

Also, he was a little less jokey. Mainly because here he was a hometown boy; a conquering hero. He broke the record for Madison Square Garden; 12 consecutive shows. As a token of esteem, the venue awarded him with a banner that will remain in the rafters and they let him play until 11:30 (overtime for the staff).

And yes Bill, he let his roadie Chainsaw sing "Highway to Hell" again. But this time Billy gave him a motorcycle. Gotta go to work now.

UPDATE: Here's the set list.

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