Thursday, February 09, 2006

Last night's stand-up

Went very well. I spent the entire day practicing my set and listening to Jerry Seinfeld's dissertation on stand-up so I was reasonably prepared and irrationally nervous. Waiting to go up reminded me of the morning before my wedding (they found me wandering the 'el' in Chicago looking for something to eat).

I'd only performed a few open mikes, so I wasn't prepared for the response of a real audience. And I loved it. The good news is I was immediately given another show on March 1 (you've been warned). So I think I can officially amend the letterhead on this box to read 'writer, guitarist, comedian and curmudgeon'. Been a long time coming on that one.

Andrew went up as well. I'm always impressed by his performance. I have to work to control my energy or I'll start speeding up and slurring words. But Andrew has a meter and a confidence honed by his experience on nightly news. When he comes on stage, it's his show. I really admire that quality.

Thanks to everybody who came out last night. And if you missed it, you've got another chance soon.


The wife said...

Great Job too!!!! Qner posted about the show too!

I must say you guys really held your own against the seasoned folks! I thought it was a bit unfair of a match up, but you did rock!!!

Also, Andrew has performance-of-steel to be able to work through everyone having to pay their checks! I am really impressed with his command of the room!!!

Andrew said...

Thank you both. And Jon, congratulations again. You rocked in your official premiere! Let's keep it up.