Friday, February 17, 2006

Joke of the week

Last night's class was fantastic. Bryan Tucker came by to listen to our sketches. He's currently a writer for SNL but he's worked for Mad TV, Tough Crowd and Chappelle's Show (this link proves it). He couldn't have been nicer, finding something positive in every sketch and always offering ideas to sharpen them.

We all went out to a late dinner afterwards and he told fantastic stories about these shows and his previous life in stand-up and sketch. He emphasized the need to get out and peform to raise awareness for your writing. Which is precisely why I've been persuing stand-up.

Anyway, here's the sketch idea I like the best. It may be something only I find funny or it may be great. You decide:

Bob Newhart at the Apollo
Two guys are ‘sweeping’ a comic off stage. The crowd is really crazy.

Backstage all the other comics leave. The producer says he has one guy ready to go. The guy’s a pro.

The mc announces the next comedian; Bob Newhart. Bob is meekly brought on stage. He stammers and the crowd starts booing.

Bob starts a bit about being an accountant. An audience member shouts, “Reparations!”

Bob tries a phone bit. “I think it might go a little something like this.” Someone in the audience screams, “Who is you talking to?” someone shouts. “You ain’t got no phone!” Thecrowd throws vegetables at him. The sweeper waits in the wings.

Bob yells at the crowd. He says can’t work under these conditions. He’s only there because he owes the mc seven hundred dollars. And that’s only because Bob is so addicted to crack. The audience laughs. Bob says he’s serious. He can’t go three hours without hitting the pipe. The audience falls out of their chairs.

A new sitcom is announced on BET “Keepin It Real with Bobby N.” Newhart is on the poster holding a crack pipe.

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