Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Headspace update

My second or third post ever was on my friend Steve Klausner's movie Headspace. It's being released this week and he now sends me this message:

"My movie has, mercifully, made it through the NY Times reviewer. If we quote it selectively, "unsettling...gratuitous violence...gore", it sounds like the results of the 2000 election presidential election in Palm Beach County! "

From the Times:

'Headspace': It's All in His Head. Or Is It?

A small horror film with all the necessary gore and beasties and gratuitous nudity that this not-very-demanding genre demands.

Not bad for a first film, Steve. I'm going to see it Friday. As for you, you can keep reading the review.

UPDATE: Here's another good review, this one from the Sci Fi Channel.


Brian Kunath said...

Way to go Steve! The NY Times no less!

Keep 'em comin!

The wife said...

Bring on the gore!!!! I am looking forward to seeing this!!!