Friday, December 30, 2005

Village People

Bill was over for the holidays and left me with 20GB of mp3's. This is why record companies are nervous. Twenty years ago, Debbie Gibson appeared before congress denouncing blank tapes. Now you can trade thousands of songs in minutes. Good.

Anyway, I was going through these and found Best of the Village People. When I was a kid, I thought they had a wacky gimmick. "Look, one guy's a construction worker. One guy's an Indian. One guy's an astronaut (I wasn't paying very close attention). They have different jobs that help the village run."

Now I'm an adult. I can look at these songs with a different angle. "Y.M.C.A." "In the Navy". "Macho Man". "Fire Island." Now I realize something I never noticed before.

None of these guys were gay.

Oh maybe one or two, but no way they were THIS gay. It's too much. Nobody's this gay. Now the late 70's were a different time. Homosexuality wasn't nearly as accepted as it is today. Gaydar had yet to be invented. Heterosexuals simply could not pick up the subtlety of the gay culture. So the Village People had to go way over the top. Put on funny hats. Grow moustaches. Open their shirts. Sing every song they could about men. And thrust often. All so audiences of the late 70's could nudge their friends and say "You know, I think those guys might be gay."

The motorcycle cop really did have a good voice, though.


cromely said...

What do you mean gay? They were gay? I never heard that. They're not all straigt? Are you sure?

Next thing you know, you'll be telling us Wham! broke up.

Anonymous said...

not only does he have a nice voice, he could suck start a Harley!