Wednesday, December 14, 2005


We're closer to a strike on the subways and buses than I thought.

Every couple of years this happens. Now it's just getting sickening. In 1999 the fare was $1.25. There was a huge surplus so the MTA began issuing unlimited Metrocards. Workers got angry and threatened to strike. My girlfriend at the time worked in newsradio and was camped outside the negotiations for days on end. The strike was averted two days after the deadline.

Three years later, there was a huge deficit. No one knew why. Again, there was threat of a strike and the fare went up to $1.50. Then they found two sets of books. Someone was embezzling. No one was indicted. I never even heard a name.

Six months ago, there was another huge deficit and another fare hike; this time to $2.00. And guess what they found? Two sets of books. Now, all of a sudden, there's a huge surplus. Did they lower the fare back down? No. Did they fix up the stations or give workers a raise? Sorry. The solution the MTA reached is to give tourists a discount during the holidays.

Excuse me while I break this drywall with my head.

No wonder there's a strike coming! Not only is the MTA admitting they're robbing us and refuse to stop but they're going to screw over their workers at the same time.

Will tourists even notice? If Johann from Germany comes to New York for New years and sees the fare is one dollar instead of two, will he be grateful? No, he'll think that's what we're paying! And do you think that extra dollar is going back into our economy? I think it's going back to Germany.

This is truly the golden age of greed. The 80's? Screw the 80's. The 80's were about working hard so you could get promotions and a fat salary. Now is the time where corporations are free to blatantly exploit the public and raise prices just to see how far they can. They're pushing the envelope on 'what the market will bear'.

Skimming no longer exists. If you're a CFO, just dive into the pot with both hands and pull out as much as you can for yourself. We'll let you get away with it. We can't afford health insurance but no one's stopping you from buying another boat with our 401K. Everyone just shrugs.

What killed blame? Was it O.J.? Or the fact that the White House has so many ties to corrupt corporations that we're all taught to turn a blind eye? No one gets indicted. No one even shoots themselves in the head on tv anymore.

At least Tamany Hall got things done.


Anonymous said...

rule #23 of marraige never ...ever bring up old girlfriends no matter how innocuous, it bugs the ever living shit out of them even if they say it doesn't..easy with the political rants....peace through superior fire power

Mark Feigenson said...

Zis is Johann from Geghrmany. I take issue vis zis stegherotaiyping of Geghrmans. Seriously, well written. Fucking MTA. And to think it's still the best subway system in the world. Imagine the worst one.

Anonymous said...

Wow...nobody even commented about your reference to the dude who blew his head off on live TV?

(I think it goes without saying that soon after reading this article I made it my personal mission to seek out find some video footage of the above mentioned act. After about 30 seconds, I found it. It truly was quite disturbing. God bless Al Gore for inventing the internet.)

dan x.

Brian Kunath said...

Years ago, I saw that clip of the guy clipping himself on a creepy tape called "Assult Video."

The video was full of creepy moments, including a police woman getting attacked by a pitbull and a campy, syphllitic character from the 50's called "The Smut Peddler."

Then there was the R Bud Dwyer clip. I saw that in 1992 and am still waiting for the image to go away.

Thanks for the memories!