Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Saddam Trial: Officially a Circus

Saddam refused to show up at court today. Doesn't he realize he's playing right into our hands? All his posturing and pronouncements is resulting in the one thing he doesn't want; the entertainment of Americans.

If he really wanted to make us angry, he should just sit there quietly like O.J. did. We'd all watch him and complain. "How can he just sit there?", we'd cry. "Has he no soul?" Then, and only then, would Saddam truly have his revenge on America.

But no, he's got to go all Lex Luthor on us. Instead of that beard, he could have grown a handlebar moustache and tied a girl to the railroad tracks. He's not just evil, he's eeeeeeeeeeeevil. Mwa-ha-ha-ha. I haven't seen a more pompous defendant since Zsa Zsa slapped that cop. And America loves it.

We may be divided on the war but at least there's one thing the right and left can agree on; Saddam Hussein is a prick. Thank you Saddam, for bringing us together.


Brian Kunath said...

So true. Saddam's such an arch villian, there really ought to be a superhero just for him.

He told the court to go to hell. What more do you need?

Horrible man? Yes. Entertaining defendent. You know it.

Mark Feigenson said...

'member all those body doubles he had? (like eight I think) Imagine if we've been duped all this time and he's just sitting at home somewhere laughing over a falafal and saying "nice job #4"

Anonymous said...


dan x.