Sunday, December 04, 2005

All hail Mike Brumm!

This is a cause for celebration. Our good friend Michael Brumm has left Wunderman for a new job writing for the Colbert Report. Way to go in and out of advertising in less than three years, Mike.

Dammit, he's funny. He's this funny. And he deserves everything he gets.


Brian Kunath said...

Between Stephanie Dines and Mike Brumm, I must conclude that Wunderman is the perfect launching pad for bigger and better things.

Bless Brumm. He's hysterically funny and one of the coolest cats I've ever met. Couldn't happen to a better person, unless that person was me.

It's good to know that understated, talented and deserving people occasionally reach their dreams.

Jon Clarke said...

"Wunderman is the perfect launching pad for bigger and better things."

Then what's going on with you and me?

Dace said...

That means any day, we're all going to hit paydirt! And then its nothing but GRAVY!!! YESS!!!!

Cromely said...

mmmmm. Cranberries

murphy said...

way to go mike!
he asked me not to mention it on my blog - that modest mofo - i'm glad someone posted about it!

as for the wunderman being a launching pad - i can't wait for my big break.

mcdonald's management - here i come!