Friday, July 10, 2009

Rap Week 5: Ghostbusters

Screw it, we're ending with "Ghostbusters". Partially because you want to see it again. And partially because you need to be reminded that as good as the movie is, the video is just as terrible. They didn't even put this on the blu-ray.

Nothing says comedy blockbuster like neon. And a slightly amused pop star. Ray Parker Jr. kinda likes his own song but he's not excited about it. Either that or he's watching teh movie at 3 in the afternoon on a Sunday. It's good but soemthing else might be on another channel.

The cameos make no sense. Sure, John Candy was originally offered the Rick Moranis role but Meillsa Gilbert was offered nothing. Danny de Vito? Was this your bid to get out of Taxi? And Carly Simon must just have been hanging around the studio that day.

If you look closely you can almost see Chevy Chase realizing this movie is burying his career. Maybe you should have been nicer to your SNL co-stars, Chevy. Or anyone else.

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Anonymous said...

I think Oran Jones should've recorded the Ghostbusters song. He wouldn't have let that girl just run up and down neon stairs. Oran would've tore that ass up!

"You without me is like cornflake without the milk!"