Monday, July 13, 2009

Big Weekend

There was more to do in the last two days than I thought.

Friday night I found an ad on craigslist for a Rickenbacker 12 string guitar. I've alwasy wanted one of these but they were out of my price range. And when my incoem raised my price range, Rickenbacker raised their prices. The last new guitar I played was $3000. I wasn't going to buy one. But somebody on craigslist was selling his for afair price. fair even for 1989. I had to email him. Then beg Renee for the money.

Saturday morning I got a response. He still had it and if I went out to Jersey I could have it. I drove the hour and a half out there and it was even more beautiful than I imagined. The guy was great as well. Turns out he bought it for a Beatles cover band but since they broke up hadn't touched it. It was the best of both worlds; brand new condition but played enough for the wood to breathe. It was no question.

Took me three hours to get back into the city. Thanks to my Prius GPS which decided it would be a good idea to take the Holland Tunnel at 5 in the afternoon. It shows such a zoomed in map that I didn't know where I was until too late. The GPS is not my friend.

I got to Howard Beach about 7 to play with Walker at a party. The other guys were set up already so I hauled my guitars (now plural) and amp in and plugged in as quickly as possible.

The sets went great. I'm finally starting to understand my new rig so I take more chances with it. I couldn't help myself so I pulled out the Rickenbacker on a few songs. Everyone was impressed but none more than me. It's not the most versatile instrument but if you want 1965 (or Rattle and Hum) it nails that sound.

The party was great too. I saw friends I hadn't seen in ten years. It poured by the end and the band was huddled under a tent but it was still worth it.

Yesterday I went to Long Island to practice with Matt. He's booked us for his block party in August and we added five songs I can't remember the lyrics to. I had everything with me so I played the Rickenbacker there too. It took me an hour and a hlf to get back. Damn you non traffic predicting GPS.

I got home for enough time to eat and go to Jeff Sussman and Jay Nog's show at Joe Franklin's. It was the first spot I had on someone else's show in about a year and it was the best set I've had all year. Felt like a comic again. I checked out another show a couple of blocks away before I went home to mosquito interrupted sleep. I have no pictures of any of this because I'm a guy.


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