Friday, January 23, 2009

Seymour Duncan Triple Shot

The NAMM show is running this week. It's basically Toy Fair for guitars. Last year Seymour Duncan announced the P- Rails and this year they've got something just as innovative.

It's a pickup mounting ring that hides two switches. Once wired, they can split from the humbucker to P 90 to single coil. They can even go from series to parallel to phase. All from the pickup itself. This is a huge relief for those who thought they'd have to drill into their guitars or change all their volume and tone knobs.

I was really hoping to get P-Rails this Christmas. It didn't happen but that may be a blessing in disguise. By the time my birthday rolls around, I should be able to grab a set of Triple Shots as well.

Here's the press release.

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Renee said...

you are getting good at covering conventions; maybe you can start writing for Guitar World and start hitting this ciruit toys AND music stuff? whoa...