Friday, January 16, 2009

Ben Xmas

New York. Chicago. Wisconsin. New York. Ben had a great time. I'm still tired.


dave said...

Rock'em Sock'em robots! Awesome!

Nice work on the drum Jon.

Renee said...

Here is the descriptions :)

1)NY- Papa Byrne (92) and Ben (1); I love this photo because it is Christmas from 1 - 92. :)

2)Chicago - Poppy has the direct hook-up to the North Pole! Ben loved having a private counsel with the Big Man hiself!!!

3)NY - Bak home, Ben is kicking butt in this game; he has SOOO many toys, we don't know what to do!

4)Chicago -a musical Christmas all around! Yes, Ben is rockin with his teeth...I even think that is cousin Kaleb's guitar....

5)and to all a Good Night!
Chicago - matching cousins in Poppy-themed, handy-man pjs, which Ben is accesorizing with a toolbox.

What a full Holiday trip! It was great to see sooooo many friends and so much family!

Now we still need to put the suitcases away... :)