Friday, January 30, 2009

Family Update

I mentioned Renee had to go out of town last weekend. I didn't mention why out of respect for her privacy. I wasn't sure it was my or the blog's place to give details about her mom's condition until she was comfortable talking about it. Now Renee feels we should get the word out so here she is:

"This is my first time as a guest-blogger, but I am a frequent commenter…. I wanted to start by saying thank you to all of you for your thoughts/prayers/well wishes! J

As Jon mentioned the other day, I had to be out of town quickly, and I am soooooo happy it was just a quick trip!
My mother was in a brief coma [Tues night, 1/22] and snapped out as soon as her kids arrived [fully awake on Mon 1/26]! I know we were all excited to see Obama take office, but this was a bit of an extreme reaction. We do have a lot to learn about what exactly happened, but are very happy Ben’s Grandma is still around to get the smootches she needs!
We have set up an update-page through the hospital too, so feel free to check it out and send your well wishes!"

We all hope Roxanne gets well soon.


Anonymous said...

Wow, not everyone would be so willing to share their blog space like that. It must have taken great intestinal fortitude for you to make that sacrifice...and with such grace. What a guy!

Mo Diggs said...

Hope she gets better.