Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oscar Nominations Are In.

And "The Dark Knight" was all but shut out.

Heath Ledger is nominated but that is it. Look at what made it. Preachy dramas released a month ago starring the same actors who were nominated last year and the year before. Sure, Mickey Rourke is a surprise but look at the best actress category and tell me what year this is.

The Academy will tell you it's not about ratings. Which is true. They don't get any. It all has to do with their nomination choices. When does the broadcast do well? When they've nominated movies people see. Titanic. Chicago. Lord of the Rings. These were good years.

Audiences like to treat the Oscars like a sporting event. They pick teams and root for them with every envelope. Elaine Chen has an awesome annual party with a ballot sheet and prizes. Years when I've seen nothing? This is a very hard sheet to fill.

Now you have a film everyone has seen. According to the box office, people have only seen Titanic more. And critics around the world have hailed it as a modern classic. This is the film you choose to ignore. Why? Because it's the sixth in a franchise? Because it has too many explosions? Because you think Brad Pitt aging backwards is more believeable? Get ready to battle an "Office" marathon, "Super Bowl for women".

And Hugh Jackman as host? You don't want me to watch this at all.

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Anonymous said...

I'm skipping this year's oscars. Benjamin Button is not worthy of 13 oscars. Dark Knight was a much better movie. Too bad.