Monday, December 04, 2006

Shipping Delays

UPS has me by the balls.

I ordered the last two sets of Marvel Legends online Thanksgiving night. I thought it would keep me out of the stores during the holidays. Two days later, the figures were in every store. I bit my tongue and bided my time.

I supposed I could stand the wait. What would it be? Four days?

10. It's been 10 days. And a weekend.

It's supposed to come today. And I work nights so they can actually deliver this to my home. Of course I scheduled a lunch meeting. So I'm spending my morning staring out the window and expecting it to arrive as soon as I leave. I've left a note which will be casually ignored.

UPS has always made me pine for the ease and convenience of the post office. Why do we have alternatives if they're less efficient than the government sponsored version?


Renee said...

So, did it come today?

Mark Feigenson said...

DHL, baby. It's the only way to go. I've used them a dozen times in the past two years, and never once had a problem. I should have mentioned them in my latest post. Maybe I will. btw- your url doesn't work. I have to type the full blogspot address, or hit it from a link. You might want to fix that.

Anonymous said...

Go FedEx, screw DHL.

That's right, I said it. (They still owe my 100 bucks! Don't ask...)

Dan X.

Jon Clarke said...

Mark, the URL works. It redirects but it still works. Should, I'm paid through 2010.