Sunday, December 31, 2006

2006 is over.

I don't know about you, but I really needed this year.

Last year I was just glad to see 2005 go. It ended a rough time which took me from a job I liked to a job I hated. It was the same job. I was also in a band more interested in spinning its wheels than making progress. My only real creative outlet was this blog.

The last 365 days changed everything. I took a comedy writing class which taught me I have the ability to achieve my dreams but I had to sacrifice. Once I was laid off from advertising the path became clear.

I started doing stand-up. First an open mike every two weeks. Then a bringer show every month. By the summer I was performing five shows a week. I've done 116 this year and I have seven more booked. I've done road gigs, pitched to networks and appeared on tv. I saw some of the biggest names in the smallest rooms. Most of my friends are professional comics and a few have lived with me.

The only disappointment was in entertainment. Movies and television weren't much to speak of. I guess there was more to do than to see.

Bill and I went to Vegas. Renee and I traveled halfway around the world to Japan. We survived a week long blackout. Now we're going to be parents. In 2007, nothing will be the same.


Cromely said...

Quite a contrast to you 2006-01-01 post.

Have a good one.

Mark said...

You forgot to mention that AMAZING New Year's party you went to. I ate some of the crab dip for dinner tonight, and then used the rest to create a refreshing facial exfoliator. Thanks for bringing it. Great to see you two (3) there.

Brian Kunath said...

It's been a great year for you, Jon -- and you totally earned every good thing that's happening for you. I'm completely impressed by your hard work, dedication and plain guts.

Not to mention the Clarke Jr. on the way!