Thursday, August 24, 2006

Pre-Blog Blog

Saturday will mark the one year anniversary of this blog. But I've been blogging three years before I had a blog.

I will now stop saying blog.

Chris Diclerico's site, which gets traffic I can only cream about, has been mentioned many times here. At one point, he wanted to have more regular updates so he asked a few friends to contribute. One of them was me. It was a lot of fun but after a while it felt like sleeping on his couch. As cool as it was to be there, I needed my own place.

Chris, to my sorrow, has never put a permanent link to me on his site. He's mentioned it a few times and every time people poured in (the creaming). But he does have an archive of every post I wrote for him. Looking at them now, they read like a pilot for Not in My Book.

Take a look at old me.

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