Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Is it too early for me to be nostalgic for the '90's? Sure, VH1 has a show about it but they have a show about your last lunch hour. I miss the actual 90's.

I miss Jane's Addiction. That's probably because I first got laid to Summertime Rolls. Which will fuck you up for life by the way.

I miss Kurt Cobain being a genius and not a cautionary example.

I miss being 118 pounds and eating steak-umms for lunch.

I miss plaid.

I miss the X-Men being a cartoon and not a series of increasingly gay movies.

I miss OJ. And so does Ford motors.

I miss the X Files. Especially before we learned the government is too stupid to pull off cover-ups or conspiracies.

I miss wars that last two weeks.

I miss news stories that weren't happening to me personally.

I miss a president with a personality. Even a big goofy personality.

I miss Star Trek being popular. Nerdy as all hell but popular just the same.

I miss comic books selling a million copies. Especially shitty comic books.

I miss Guns n' Roses. Well, I don’t miss the Spaghetti Incident but you get the idea.

What about you?


Dave said...

I miss:

The absence of responsibility

Good music everywhere.

Deciding which case of cheap beer to buy for the party that night.

Seeing Pulp Fiction, HEAT, Fargo, the Limey, Natural and Born Killers and the Usual Suspects for the first time.

Not knowing what the hell to do with myself on summer vacations.

Writing stream of consciousness letters to friends at college, during the summer, at work, to keep from going insane.

The summer of 87, when I got my drivers license and Appetite for Destruction was the hot album.

Splashing handfuls of Polo cologne, while riding to the dance club, and listening to 2 LIVE CREW at max volume, and coming home dateless. : P

Living in a pre 9/11 world.

Monica said...

since you're feeling nostalgic, check this out.....http://icydk.com/2006/08/07/frances-bean-cobain-in-elle/

kinda freaky it's been so long!

VE said...

I miss:

Being able to sit fat and happy and not worry about my place in the universe or my nation's role in the world.