Monday, August 28, 2006

Orson Welles and Frozen Peas

I've seen John Candy do it on SCTV. I've heard Maurice Lamarche do it a number of times. And now I've finally heard the original.

Here's Orson Welles arguing with ad execs during a frozen peas commercial. It's glorious. Partly because he flips out completely. And partly because he's right.


Ed Murray said...

And that.

Is fucking hysterical.

And that.

Is why I want to do more voiceover work.

And that.

Is why I want to die fat, happy, drunk, and accomplished.

Dave said...

"We will sell no line, before its written well."

Brian Kunath said...

Classic. He deserves to be a prick, considering how talented he was and how badly he got screwed by Hollywood. And that copy DID suck! What was it -- cookie crumble crisp, or something?

I seem to remember a clip from the olde terrestrial Stern show where Welles got even angrier. I could be confusing this with the Kasey Kasem clip, though.

Oh, and congrats on turning 1.

Cromely said...

"Such Pest! Now, what is you you want in the depths of your ignorance?"


Renee said...

I just think it is funny that he offers to "go down on" the ad exec...what really happens in your offices of "advertising"...

VE said...

That is fucking hysterical.