Friday, June 23, 2006

Earth Hottest in 2,000 Years

Here's proof.

Notice the article doesn't mention what "human activities" are causing the global warming. Don't want to piss off the oil companies and air conditioner manufacturers that buy banner space on CNN's website.

The article also mentions "The Bush administration has maintained that the threat is not severe enough to warrant new pollution controls that the White House says would have cost 5 million Americans their jobs." So it has nothing to do with cutting more breaks for big business.

I think I realize what I hate most about the Bush administration. Shortsightedness.
Take 300 dollars. We have the money.
Let the dock workers strike. It's only Christmas.
Bin Ladin couldn't possibly attack us.
We don't need alliances with other countries.
Iraq will love us.
Fuck hybrids. We're waiting for the hydrogen car.
We don't need to build up the levees in New Orleans.
Africa owes us money. We won't forget it.
The planet is fine. Business as usual.

I spent Bush's first administration waiting for assasination attempts (I'm sure they happened. They were just never reported). I spend this administration waiting for the U.S. to collapse. Just like Russia. Renee once told me it would never happen. Russia collapsed because the officials stole all the money for themselves. Then she got real quiet.


Ed Murray said...

Oh JC ...

... fucking hell. You know what I think ...

Brian Kunath said...

In "Get a Life" Chris reads exerpts from a book report he wrote in high school titled "Our friend, the sun." It reads something like this:

"The sun is the hottiest planet in the universe, and it would burn you if you tried to eat it."

I don't think GW would find that passage funny. On the whole, I think he'd agree.

eddy joe said...

earth hottest in 2000 years!!!!! ,i wonder what kind of hybrid they could have built to keep the earth from getting hot 2000 fucking years ago.....if you look real close when they are crucifying christ in "the passion of the christ" you can see industrial smoke stacks belching filth into the air....there was a pharoah back then named Bush ,so they also had someone to blame......peace.. through superior firepower