Saturday, June 03, 2006

Don't Eat Stale Bagels

I'm an idiot.

Every now and then I buy a dozen bagels and leave them in the refrigerator. As the week wears on, they get tougher and tougher to cut. (they also get tougher to eat but the microwave soggies them up nicely). Today was the last bagel so I thought I'd get the sharpest knife. It was like sawing plastic which is why it slipped and smacked me in the left wrist.

I didn't feel a thing but the skin sprung apart like a screaming mouth. By the time the blood poured out, I had it wrapped in a yard of gauze.

It's sutured up now and doesn't look like I'll need stitches but it took most of the day to get it in a safe place. And I'll look like a suicide attempt for a couple of weeks.

Don't become a statistic. Please throw out your bagels.


Walker said...

I always knew you would eventually cut your a Bagel is tougher than you? well no worries blood, I've got your back tell any baker's dozen I'll meet them at the dumpster behind the school. Get better..knucklehead...remember Cut school,Cut your Hair,Cut records...but avoid that notorious gang "The Frozen Bagels"

Monica said...

Speaking of frozen the dozen, cut them in 1/2 & freeze them. when you want one, defrost it- it works much better than trying to hack through the stale bagel.

maybe mom still has that electric knife somewhere.....

get better!!!