Thursday, June 01, 2006

Bilko has arrived!

I've waited fifteen years to watch Sgt. Bilko again. Paramount released a collection on dvd while I was in Japan and it was a long two weeks before I could get my hands on one.

I don't know why this show hasn't remained in syndication as long as the Honeymooners or I Love Lucy. First of all it's better than both of them.

Don't believe me? The UK named it the greatest sitcom in history. Considering this is a country that came up with Fawlty Towers, Black Adder and the Office, it's high praise.

Phil Silvers was a master of the comic persona. Within the first episode, he let audiences know exactly who he was and what he wanted. When a new recruit gives him money to hold, the audience is already laughing because they know him. Most characters take a season or two to find their rhythm. Silvers had it down in his first scene.

There are 18 random episodes in the set. A lot of fans are upset that this isn't a season one and there's no guarantee we'll get any more. I'm just grateful I have a piece of this classic and if there's more down the road, I'll buy them too.

By the way, when I ordered this on Amazon, there was a huge sale on the Bob Newhart Show. I got seasons one and two in my shipment and I'm sure I'll have just as much to say about those when I finally get to them.

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