Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Japan day 2: John Lennon Museum

Man, Yoko had her fingerprints all over this one. The fact that it's in Japan should have been a tip-off. It's a nice place with some real genuine artifacts (John's guitars were a high point for me) but no one needs to see Yoko's "Painting To Be Stepped On" (a blank canvas lying on the floor). Beautiful layout with the biggest, whitest room I've ever seen.

We spent the day with Renee's friend Kimiyo as a tour guide. Incredibly helpful. There was a mall next door to the museum and when we walked in she siad, "This smells like America." Amen, Kimiyo.

She also took us to "Electric City" which has everything I want from Japan; electronics and toys. I learned two things there: Japanese toys aren't much cheaper in Japan and when I get a new video camera, it needs to be High Definition.

We met with Todd and Kiyoko for dinner. Renee had filled her camera by then so no pictures of them. But you can read Todd's blog which details his experiences as a new resident of Tokyo here.


Monica said...

so, did you step on the painting?

Cromely said...

Beatles, Wolverine, Bad Smell, expensive electronics, indecipherable foreign languages...It's as like you never left Manhattan.

"Duke" said...

Hey, I was just in Japan myself! Check out my blog. I have pics similar to yours. I just came back from Tokyo on May 2nd.

Here's my blog: