Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Harry Shearer is Freaking Busy

For a guy you don't see much, he's got an enviable career.

Here's an article with Shearer, which reads pretty AP but shows just how many projects he's working on. A new cd. His own record company. A new Christopher Guest movie in the fall (with Ricky Gervais!). His radio show which apparantly has been running forever. Oh, and he's still on 'the Simpsons'.

Not to mention a dvd which collects some of the classic SNL skits from the fabled 1984-85 season. This season gets forgotten mainly because Lorne Michaels was not a part of it, but it's the closest the show ever got to SCTV. The tight writing, the character driven sketches, and the conceptual pieces had a style the show would never repeat. And now there's finally a dvd of it. Count me in.

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