Monday, May 08, 2006

Flying to Japan

Renee and I are on an airplane all day. And planes don't have wireless access so this is all you'll get for now.

We're spending our second anniversary in Japan. Renee was an exchange student there but hasn't been back in fifteen years. I've never been to a country where English is not the native language. Fortunately, Renee speaks Japanese so I'll be clinging to her the entire time.

I just want to see ninjas and robots. I hear they have them there.

More reports when we touch down.


Dave said...

You guys suck. I'm jealous.

Have a great time. : P

Mark Feigenson said...

Dietu Shuga Ita Dake Maseka. That means "Can I have some Sweet n Low?" I don't know that this phrase will get you very far. Stick with Renee. Have a great time. I loved Japan.

murphy said...

wen you get back, you two HAVE to check out this new restaurant called "ninja" down in tribeca - ninjas serve your food and appear and disappear - supposed to b ecool - have a great trip!!!