Sunday, May 07, 2006

Earl's Court

My show last night went well. Not perfect but getting up every night has led me to a better place and I'm exploring techniques that are yielding bigger results. Great line-up last night with Tim Warner, Jason Ellsworth and 14 year old Billy the Kid who kills every time I see him.

After the show, Renee headed to the Lion's Den to see Matt Kinkel's Led Zeppelin tribute band, Earl's Court. Matt was my bass player all through the 90's and we've stayed good friends ever since. And he played better last night than he ever did with me.

They were double billed with a Black Sabbath tribute that reminded me just how much fun that band is. But Earl's Court took it to another level. They didn't just play the songs, they nailed them with all the intensity and power they deserved. It also says something about your musical career when the guitarist in the tribute band blows you off the stage. Glad I switched to comedy.

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