Thursday, March 13, 2008

And They Say the Biggest Springsteen Fans Are in Jersey...

An Australian woman pleaded guilty Thursday to fatally stabbing her boyfriend because he objected to her listening to Bruce Springsteen's music. In his defense, "Lucky Town" is pretty bad.

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Brian Kunath said...

Well, that’s The Price You Pay when you're not Born in the USA but you’ve got a Hungry Heart for the man from the Badlands.

It was Something in the Night that got her to say No Surrender and him to scream Cover Me, and it wasn’t his desire to go to the Promised Land. Point Blank, I’d say it was Two Hearts coming together like a Ramrod. He wasn’t a Cautious Man, and while Adam Raised a Cain, She’s the One who left him a Wreck on the Highway, Out in the Street between the Factory and the Cadillac Ranch.

Born to Run!