Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Indy Poster!

Looks as classic as the other three. The strange thing is it comes from a USA Today article that calls this summer 'shaky'. It even includes this quote:

"There's no question there's more uncertainty," says Rob Moore, vice chairman of Paramount Pictures. "Last year we had three franchises that we knew were going to be huge. This year, we have a couple that we know will be big, and more that we hope will be big."

What? This summer includes the new PIXAR, Indy, X Files, Iron Man, Hulk, Narnia, Hellboy, Batman and Star Wars! That's shaky? I can't remember a more loaded summer. Apparantly studios thought last year was stronger with Shrek, Pirates and Spider-Man 3, which, as I recall, all sucked. Apparantly I simply don't have my finger on the pulse of the industry.

Read an article I couldn't disagree with more.

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Cromely said...

New Star Wars? I hadn't heard of that one. I thought they hid Lucas's keys to stop just that sort of thing.