Friday, March 07, 2008

The Tyra Banks Incident

This is all we're talking about lately. My friends Adam Newman, Sean O' Connor and Sean Patton appeared on the Tyra Banks Show Monday in a bid for some screen time. It was a pyrrhic victory but a fascinating experiment.

Part 2:


Laura said...

That was cute. So did Adam go out with her again? Seemed like they could have had a nice second date.

Cromely said...

Wow. Tyra really has know idea what she was getting into when she started talking to Adam and the Seans (a great band, by the way).

And comedians are the least shy people in the world? Really, Tyra? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Well, good luck Adam.

dave said...

Damn, that is really funny to watch. I love that these guys used the show as a platform to do their thing. Genius.