Friday, March 28, 2008

Ben Week 38 & 39

It's Renee's birthday today so I'm sure she'd like to see more pictures of her son. Most of these are from Colorado after I left. Looks like he had a good time.


Renee said...

Thank you!!! He had a great time in CO, even though he woke up every morning saying "Dada"....

The commentary on these goes
1- St. Patrick's Day; he figured out how to pull himself up on the landing and stand up for 45 seconds on his own and was very proud
2- Uncle Richie is so cool
3- Easter
4- Cousin Kaleb and Ben on Easter
5- Watchin' Elmo
6- Hugging Daddy in Denver

Petra said...

WOW that is one cute baby! You two must be so proud!

LDK in STL said...

Happy Birthday, Renee! Wonderful pics, as always.

Billy The Kid! said...

Happy Birthday Renee!!!