Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Vote For Me 15 Times a Day!

First, thanks to everyone who came out last night for Writers room. It was a fantastic show with such a good turnout, we're guaranteed another. It's all thanks to you guys. But now I need to lean on whatever goodwill I've built.

I've been entering a lot of comedy contests online lately. This is the only one that I stand a chance of winning. But I need your help.

You need to go here and vote for me. It's the set I did at Comic Book Comics which, according to your comments, you loved. Thanks to a weird design, they let you vote 15 times a day. You have until August 6 so that's 60 votes you can personally make. Help me out here. They're going to make you register before you can vote but that will just make me love you more.

You have my thanks. Now vote!


Siobhan said...

yes sir! on my way to vote!

Renee said...

Vote early and vote ofen! That is what I learned by growing up in Chicago!

LDK in STL said...

I would love to vote for you but it won't let me register!!!!!

Cromely said...

The site seems hostile to Internet Explorer.

Try Firefox or Navigator if you are having trouble.

LDK in STL said...

It was no go in Firefox.