Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Police

Renee bought the tickets six months ago. As I was discussing it to my sister, she said "Are you kidding? With a one month baby at home? She's never going."

I replied, "If she doesn't go, you can."

Sunday Monica and I went to Giant Stadium to see the Police.

Sting's voice is as powerful as it ever was (Monica credits tantric yoga) and his bass was the strongest I've ever heard in a live setting (and I've seen Flea). Andy Summers is still as inventive and strange as he was in the 80's, trading between a Telecaster and strat and running vintage sounding delays and chorus. Stewart Copeland is rock's most unsung drummer, not only laying those unique beats but climbing to an upper platform full of percussion for "Wrapped Around Your Finger".

These guys sounded like they never broke up. Not only did they play every hit with confidence, they were comfortable enough to stretch them out into long rock reggae jams. Sting would wander over to the edge of the stage while Summers took an extended solo that somehow became a segue to the next song.

The musical chemistry was there even if the personal chemistry was cool. I doubt they get along any better now than they used to. There was very little talk between them and were almost terse with the audience. You get the impression they're resentful they can't play this well with anyone else.

By the way, I called the closer and the encore ("Roxanne" then an encore of "King of Pain", "So Lonely" and "Every Breath You Take" ) which is one of the few times I impressed my sister. Plus, we ran into Thad-Rock in the stands. That's a good night.


dave said...

Oh yeah, well I saw the White Stripes!

All right, I'm jealous AGAIN.

Glad you got to see them. Must’ve been a good show.

Monica said...

Ok, the concert was kick-ass!!! 2nd best after U2 last Fall (i mean, Bono sang Rockaway Beach so he clearly knew i was in the audience!).

You failed to mention, however, that *I* called the opening song, thank you very much.

And for the record, not the first time i've been impressed by you. Certainly not the last either :)

Alex Grubard said...

Jon, you see all the cool shows.