Thursday, August 09, 2007

Potty Mouths is Back!

I told you the last one was the last but RG bequeathed it to us. I have a 102 degree temperature so I may not make it.

Here's what Ed says:

It ain't pretty ... but it's drunk and it's rough.

Come watch comedians who bring their regular material wither and die before your very eyes ... come watch comedians who get up on stage and create humor out of chaos and see puppies run down a rainbow ladder into your gaping crotch.

Pottymouths @ Julep
Ave A & 1st St

Featuring Leah Bonnema, Jon Knefel, Andrea Grimes, Tim Warner, Becky Cilletti, and Jon Savoy.

Hosted in some manner by Mike Drucker, Jon Clarke, & Ed Murray ... we'll figure it out after a couple of beers.

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