Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mike Wieringo

I am truly saddened and shocked to learn Mike Wieringo passed away suddenly from a heart attack Sunday night. He was only 44.

I've posted about Mike before on this blog. I'd said how talented he was and how his drawing on Flash, Robin and Fantastic Four were highpoints in the long histories of the characters. I've also said how genuinely kind he was in my few encounters with him at conventions and online. In the span of ten years, he became my favorite modern artist. The comics industry will feel his absence but I personally feel the loss.

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dave said...

Wow. I just got the news from a friend and then checked your blog. Damn, that is to bad. He's a damn good prolific comic artist. I used to check his blog to see the work that he posted so often. Thats to bad.