Thursday, February 01, 2007

Aqua Teens Cause Bomb Scare

This story proves that the post 911 government is way too uptight. And that advertising guys are douchebags.


Alex Grubard said...
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Brian Kunath said...

Maybe there douchebags, but it was funny to watch them screw with the media, who were trying to get them to be appropriately chastened over nothing. Why should they be? This went on in several cities and it was only Boston that freaked out about it. Now that they spent all this time, money and agita calming eveyone down, they want to point the finger at a couple of guys to put up some goofy guerilla marketing.

Cromely said...

Let's not forget just exactly what freaked out Boston -- IT WAS A LITE BRITE PEOPLE!

And my favorite: