Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Jon at the Comic Strip!

I perform a lot now. So much that some of you have said, "I'll come see the next show that's important to your career."

This is that show.

I'm auditioning at Comic Strip Live this Monday, the 19th. If I do well enough, I can perform there every week. How do I do well? It's all about laughs. The club counts the laughs and the frequency I get and decides if I'm good enough to come back.

So come to the show and laugh at me.

I've got free tickets for anyone who wants them. And you're guaranteed to see a ton of great headliners. And Strauss.

Comic Strip Live
1568 2nd Avenue
Btwn 81st & 82nd St.
NYC, 10028
8:30 p.m.


Walker said...

I'll be there blood

Dave said...

I'll phone in my laughs ahead of time. Good luck brother.