Sunday, February 25, 2007

Comics Should Be Fun

I went to the NY Comicon yesterday and couldn't have had a worse time.

Last year's con was great. There was an excitement in the air. It had been years since the last convention in New York and it succeeded way beyond expectations.

This year they raised their expectations. With memories of last year in their heads, no one felt happy to see the fans. Sales were meeting expectations. New product looked exactly like last year's. Some of the exclusives were from last year. And everywhere I went, there was a palpable attitude. As I pulled myself through the crowds, I wanted to be anywhere else.

I left the con and went to the Parkside Lounge to catch a sketch show RG works on. As I entered the little room, it felt like coming home. My friends treated me like friends and new people treated me with respect. The show was fantastic. Here were people working much harder for much less than the big show at the Javits. But it mattered more. Because they cared.

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Ed Murray said...



OHHHH, my favorite Luke Cage inker didn't sign my chest!


hee hee ...

just kidding jc. Life's little disappointments make us stronger ... and more cynical.

... and black.