Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Is Audioslave Dead?

As I've mentioned time and again, I love Audioslave. And I'm starting to worry.

The band says there's nothing wrong. But look at the facts. Their third album "Revelations" was their weakest. On its release, Chris Cornell announced he would work on a new solo album. And there would be no tour, even though their last was one of the best concerts I'd seen.

Now there comes word that Rage Against the Machine will be reuniting for the Coachella festival. Seeing as Audioslave was created after Zach De La Roche quit, his agreeing to rejoin them makes Cornell's role obsolete.

Most Rage fans will be rejoicing (I'm sure Tim Warner's happy) but I'm disappointed. Audioslave still has so much potential as a band and they have yet to reach it. Rage was a potent force on their first album and remained so through their career. They've said all they've needed to say.

Then again, we got two Black Sabbath tours in the 90's and no new studio album. All we got was "The Osbournes". Maybe I'm worried over nothing.

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