Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Comedy is a Bipolar Bitch.

It got cold real fast this week so audiences dried up. We had to cancel the 8:00 both nights. That is the only similarity between the shows Monday and Tuesday.

Monday night I hosted the 10:00. It couldn't have gone better. The auidience was warm, primed to laugh and loved everybody. I did about three jokes the entire show. My crowd work killed. I got a laugh between every single comic. Moody McCarthy asked if he could use an off hand comment I made while bringing him up. Pat Dixon detsroyed the room and burned down what was left. At the end of the show a woman came up on stage to tell me how much she loved the show. It was a night anyone could have videotaped and sent out.

Last night was not that. The crowd only liked dick and racist jokes. I watched Lara and Alex struggle until they pulled out their dirty material. All my sex material consists of women that didn't want to date me and getting my wife pregnant. Andrew stopped by. He hasn't seen my act in six months. Last night he watched it fail. The crowd hated me. By the middle of my set, I started to hate them too. I didn't throw my set but I'm sure my frustration showed. After the check two women walked out and Alex and me awkward looks. I left before I had to see any of those people again.

Ed and Tim wrote a song about comedy called "No One Cares". It's absolutely true. No one in that crowd cared how well I did the night before. They don't care how well I do next time. Every time you get up on stage, you're starting from scratch.


Renee said...

Too bad they were jerks; maybe they were the source of that "smell" on Monday......sinky audience!

Andrew said...

They didn't hate you. I looked at the faces and you had a few smiles going. It was just over their heads. Don't worry about it. Next time you have a good set–which will probably be tonight–this one will be forgotten.