Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Saddam video

So we killed Saddam Hussein the other day.

Now the government is in an uproar because a security guard took a video with his cel phone. I can't believe they're shocked. We live in an age where video is as easy to make as a phone call. Literally. There's video of everything. Ten years ago. Michael Richards would have been a rumor passed around in clubs. Today it's the lead story on the evening news.

And honestly, can you blame the guy for taping it? Cmon, it was built as the most dramatic story in the last five years. The Bush administration worked hard to make us hate Saddam all over again. We tore down his statue. We pulled him out a hole in the ground. We hissed as he cursed and gnashed his teeth on trial. And we're told we're not allowed to see the hanging? Guys, don't sell us a story if you're not prepared to show Act 3. That's screenwriting 101.

I'm surprised it's not the front page of YouTube.

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dave said...

The best part is Bush, Rummy & Cheney managed to screw up the one thing they had going for them, the capture of Saddam Hussein. Now he's a martyr. Awesome!!!!