Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Daily Organizer

I just realized how different my life has become. Yesterday it was this:

11:00 Get up.
11:15 Blog.
11:30 Work on sketch ideas.
12:00 Shower.
12:30 Clean house.
1:00 cook. Watch Monica's "Buffy" dvds.
1:30 Meet with RG. Talk about the performance of "Pee Shy" video. Plan alternative performance spaces. Run back into kitchen mid sentence.
2:00 Eat slightly burnt lunch. More Buffy.
3:00 Listen to tapes of last night's performances. Make notes. Rewrite jokes. Cringe.
4:00 Vote. Swipe hand down Democrat column. Leave.
4:15 train. Read "Essential Ant-Man".
5:00 Go to Comic Strip Live. Wait on line. Say hi to comics you like. Acknowledge comics you don't.
6:00 Get audition date for Comics Strip. February 19.
7:00 Walk cross town to the Imrpov. Talk with Alan Schwartz. Hear the phrase "What was I gonna say?" repeatedly. Eat Wendy's.
8:00 Check in at "The World". Collect flyers. Watch Ed Murray open the 8:00 show. Rewrite a joke for him.
8:30 Stand in front of MTV. Hold out flyers. Yell "free tickets for the Improv" at strangers. Curse Wendy's.
10:00 Wait at the Improv. Talk with comics in the cafe. Watch comics in the theater.
10:30 Watch Ed's set. Hear new joke. Make notes. Assess audience and change set list.
11:40 Perform. Tape set. Experiment. Accept smiles if not laughs.
11:46 Leave.
12:00 Train. "Ant-Man" Listen to tape of set. Cringe.
1:00 Watch Daily Show/ Colbert Report coverage of the mid-term elections. Bless TiVo.
2:00 Ali G. Bless TiVo again. Work on screenplay idea.
2:30 Go to bed. Wake Renee up. Talk for two minutes. This is only contact with wife.
2:45 Wonder about everything you did wrong.
3:30 Sleep


Renee said...

Total Cost of building dream of comedy writing career: Priceless

...well, maybe Wendy's cost too much....

Anonymous said...

Marshall told me I was mentioned in your most recent blog. But anyway, what was I going to say?


Monica said...

renee said it best.