Monday, July 17, 2006


Bill just posted a long article about World War III. His position (and Air America's) is that it's already begun with hostilities between the Israelis and the Hezbollah reaching an all time high. It's only a matter of time before the US gets involved with aid, then troop support, then combat.

Bill maps out the strategies of all the major powers over the next few months but he doesn't take into account what will happen here. Let's just look at our military. For the last four years, we've been at war. We've left a lot of troops in Afghanistan, looking for Bin Ladin. The way O.J.'s looking for the real killers. Nothing against their gumption, it's just that they don't have the resources to do the job completely.

Our resources are all divested in Iraq. Because Saddam looked at us cross eyed. Bush used Afghanistan to invade Iraq and never had any plan to occupy it. They actually believed invading forces would be welcomed by all the disparate factions in that country. Cause Bush didn't have a big black moustache.

We're four years in Iraq too. We've lost 2,000 soldiers. And we don't have the budget to keep the ones we got. Remember the stories about soldiers not having enough armor or ammunition? Or not being allowed to go home after their tour was up? That's still happening. The only reason my cosuin Sean got home in a year was because he signed up for an extremely dangerous detail.

Bush has also spent the last six years giving big business tax breaks and you $300. We went from the biggest surplus to the biggest deficit within his first term. Our economy ain't too great either so there's less taxable income to pull from the middle class. They haven't seen a raise in three years while expenses continue to rise. Expenses like all that precious oil.

Now comes a huge war. Several countries in the region have only one thing in common; they hate the US. Hell, everybody hates the US. Our president has an approval rating in the 30's for God's sake. When the temperature is in the 30's you cover all your exposed skin.

A lot of the forces in the Middle East have a vested interest in watching us fall. They know we're stretched too thin. And they know we're not going to pull out of any country any time soon. So if a few thousand more US troops are killed, all the better for them.

Rome fell because it was beseiged on all sides while a corrupt senate and a mad emperor held sway. Sound familiar? When Bush was reelected I predicted that the US would collapse in 2007. Silly me. I thought we'd collapse from within.

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