Wednesday, July 26, 2006

An Open Letter to Saddam Hussein

Saddam, I've been keeping up with your trial and now I'm convinced. You're bipolar. Look at the facts. Your threats and protests are getting less focused and poorly thought out. And let's face it, you have a lot of time to polish your threats. You protest that the Americans brought you to court against your will. That's true. We also took you out of your spider hole against your will. Your will hasn't meant much since 2002.

And calling your lawyer an "enemy of the people"? Not a great defense move. Especially when your lawyers have a habit of getting murdered. You need friends, Saddam. That guy is the only one talking to you right now. That guy and me. Be nice.

Maybe that 18 day hunger strike wasn't the best strategy. I think you're lightheaded. And cranky. Your rants used to sound supervillainy. Now you just sound like you live under the 59th St. bridge.

Sorry Saddam, just because you refer to yourself in the third person does not mean you're Dr. Doom. You're just proving to the world that you're kinda fucked up. And, as I've mentioned before, that's all we want.


Saddam Hussein said...

letter of open to Infadel Jon Clarke,

You are not Acustom to being the letter writing from the gReat SaDDAM hussein. I am in incarCuration by your poeple s but can Stil communicate to you - the american mongrel.

PLease excsunig my english as it a mongrel language of a bastard child - and burn my toung off if ever the words uttered.

Saddam hussein not good at it.

I have been observi ng you blog and take offenses to bi-polar comment and this I have found through learning Is indeed a handicap saddam hussein suffering - FOR you NOT TO EXPLOIT!

My problems having, Yes. But the feelings of SaddAm Husessein hurting when you MAke such "pokin fun" at very sensitive issu eto saddam hussein.

You have the SMALL BRAIN of the american and will fail at issues of .1 ) defeating great peopples of Iraq 2.) defeating the saddam hussein 3. ) general triva knowledge

I inquire to you infaDEL Jon Clarke - YOU indeed need soME thingking!!!.

I challenge the thinking of your SMALL BRAIN from SAaddam Hussein.

IF WOLverine and the batman versus the spiderman and the superman - who would rise to glorious viCTory in spirit and honor defeating the others?!?!!??

i inquire this to you with all sinCERITY and passion of THE IRAqui peoples and give moments to ponder...



NONe WOULD WIN becaus eof they are all the INFADELS BURNING and in the hell!!!!!!

This is what you gEt for sarcastic remarks of the great Saddam hussein.

More of this where came from for Mr. make fun of saddam hussein.

Mother of you is dirty goat.


SAddam Hussein
Glorious leader of Iraq

Renee said...

Well, I guess that is what the kids say as "you have been served"...or something like that...