Thursday, July 13, 2006

Frank and the Steins

We're all real happy with this one. We shot in high def. We rented a studio. We bought costumes. We got Hector Luis and Lara Yaz. And it is still the dumbest thing we ever came up with.

Check out our new band; Frank and the Steins.


Brian Kunath said...

Dumb? Or a scathingly sharp satire on the inhumanity of the music industry?

OK, dumb.

But damn, we look good.

Renee said...

By far NOT dumb! This is great! You all channeled a different monster too....I can't wait until you guys are all real zombies and sell out Madison Square Garden...hey, if the Stones are still donin' it!!!!

Ed Murray said...

Dude ... that's great.

nippleprint said...