Thursday, July 27, 2006

Play Cole Hits 10,000!

We've never been featured on youtube (which would guarantee us at least 100,000 hits) but all on our own, we've managed to crack 10,000 views! Let's see how it breaks down:

Frank and the Steins: 221

Lunching With Larry 1: 41

Lunching With Larry 2: 35

Lunching With Larry 3: 25

Andrew's stand-up:84

Jon's stand-up:1013

Lara's stand-up:400

Douggie Green: 150


Stevens File:82

Job Interview:758

Cmon Cmon:309

Tension Envelopes:464

Planet of the Apes:531

Blind Travelogue 1: 205

Blind Travelogue 2:95

Blind Travelogue 3: 143


Muppet Show: 4354(PLUS another 1300 on google video!)

Obviously Muppet Show has been the runaway hit of the videos, and rightly so. We've been working hard to bring the level of our performances up to those plastic dolls. "Moses" got picked up by a few religious blogs and saw a huge spike in traffic. And for some reason over 1000 people have wanted to see my stand-up.

Thanks to everyone who's been a part of these videos. It's been a lot of hard work but judging from the response it's been worth it. Please feel free to send these videos around to anyone you know. Youtube makes it very easy to link or email videos and we'd love some of these to become viral.

(by the way Frank and the Steins is now also up on google video. Check it out if you want to see it again.)

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Mark Feigenson said...

congrats, man. well deserved. you guys have worked hard.