Monday, April 13, 2009

Transcendentalist Television 2

Man, Alex Grubard knows how to make people feel welcome.

I missed the first show but I really wanted to go to the next at the Yippie Museum. Then Alex called. A video slot fell through so he asked me to submit something. I gave him "Lois Lane" which has been out for awhile but always seems to do well. The next day he called and asked if I would tape the show. Since it would force me out of the house after a week of flu, I said "sure".

The Billy called. He was booked to be the musical act. Would I play behind him? I grabbed my modded strat and cube amp and headed over. In one day I went from maybe going to the show to appearing all over it.

And it was a great show. Ross Hyzer brought his usual genious as a pharmaceutical experimentalist. A second video by CoolGuygot rocked. Billy saved his lyrics until the actual performance so I got to hera the song for the first time while playing it. And Joe Rocha showed up at the end and kicked everybody out. Everything went perfectly. I got even got a parking spot.

The whole thing streams here. Jump to about 1:40 to see the entire show. I also taped it so we may get a few clips up on youtube.

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