Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Another Strange Dream

I'm going to blame the flu on this one.

I was walking through a hospital (it was a hospital on the Death Star but that's besides the point) and I entered a room. Jim Henson was in bed. It wasn't the real Jim Henson as this dream takes place in present time. They had just hired an actor in case anyone who wanted to say something to the real Jim Henson never got the chance.

I felt kind of silly but I went to him. "Mr. Henson? I don't mean to take up too much of your time but I'm a writer and performer and I've based much of my style on your work on the Muppets. I just wanted to thank you."

The actor playing Jim Henson was gracious, if a little awkward. I walked out and Mike Lawrence went in. He asked Jim Henson for work.


Mo Diggs said...

This means you have a repressed desire to watch Mike Lawrence beg for spots. JK.

Walker said...

I had the same dream...I walked in and said "Do you know anything about birds?" he said "No" and in one swift move I put my hand on my sac and shaft and said "Then why don't you take this for a swallow"