Thursday, April 02, 2009

Elmo's Potty Time

Ben is saying 'poo poo' a lot now. A clue he's getting ready to be potty trained. That's going to be interesting.

To build his enthusiasm, we bought him an instructional dvd hosted by Elmo. It's clear, positive and damn hard to keep a straight face through. This is an actual song from that dvd. IT IS NOT THE FUNNIEST PART.

There are a slew of gems on this video. Like a close up of Elmo saying, "I call it pee pee and poo poo." Or singing with Grover "Accidents Happen". Or possibly the reatest is when they interview little girls who give their own words for pee and poo. 8 children yell in unison "I need to urinate". And one girls, who I'm assuming was not coached, confesses "I pee when I'm asleep". The video is brought to you by the letter P and the number 2, for God's sake.

You can see how bizarrely inappropriate this is for the license. Did you know puppets crapped? But, as always, they're hearst in the right place. And laughing at it in front of Ben would defeat the purpose. So I think the next time this goes on, I'll just step out of the room. I'll tell him I need to 'tinkle'.

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