Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April Fool's Day

Amateur hour.

Do me a favor. If you're going to play a joke on someone, make sure it IS a joke. With a punchline. Not a lie. Like this:

"Your mother died."
"April Fool's!"

That is not comedy. That is creul abuse and says more about suppressed hostility towards your coworkers than you would like to admit.

If you can't think of a joke, sit back down. Like St. Patrick's Day is not a license to be a drunken mess, today is not a license to be a douchebag.

Here's an example:

Hot Toys making X-Men Movie Figures

Now, if this is true, it's undeniably cool. Hot Toys made the most beautiful 12" Batman figures I think we'll ever see. And I can't wait for the Iron Man I've had on order since the summer. I'm not the biggest fan of the movies (or the X franchise) but I might pick up a Hugh Jackman Logan.

If it's not true then it's a douche move. And not because I'd like it to be true. It's because there's nothing funny in this. There's no punchline other than "I just lied to you". Is the tip off the fact that no one else has reprted this yet? If the article was on Howard the Duck figures, now you'd have a joke. Instead of betrayed trust from a news source.

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Brian Kunath said...

If you're gonna pull an April Fools prank, think big: