Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Play Cole Holiday Podcast!

At a time when Arnold Schwarzenegger can do no wrong, he does everything wrong. It's "Jingle All the Way" analyzed by Jon Clarke, Mike Drucker, Alex Grubard and Billy the Kid. We made up our own drinking game for this one (hint: take a drink any time someone says "Turboman"). By the second hour, this goes from a commentary to, well, a drinking game. Oh, but it's fun.

Here it is.

And now you can subscribe to Play Cole Podcasts! I don't know how Bill did it but I'm amazed. We're trying to make this a monthly feature so get instant updates whenever we post here. We're even on itunes!

1 comment:

Brian Kunath said...

This movie is "It's a Wonderful Life" next to "Deck the Halls." Now that's a crapfest of such perfection, it ascends into the realm of Platonic forms. But you couldn't to a pod cast on it because you would be struck dumb by the dialogue, which affects you in exactly the opposite way that Pulp Fiction did when you first saw it.